Top 10 Poses To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

All of us suffer from some form of stress in life. After delving into yoga and the link on how the postures, breathing and meditation can diminish anxiety and all the symptoms that can distort ones life, here are a few tips and poses to rid yourself from what can be a debilitating dis-ease.

Firstly one needs to identify the triggers in life that bring about anxiety. It could be the food you're eating, that you're dehydrated, lacking certain essential vitamins such as Vitamin C that influences our moods and metabolism. The triggers may even be unconscious and will eventually reveal themselves to you when you go into deep self discovery through meditation. Once the triggers are identified, scrap out those ones you can control and let yoga work on the deeper triggers to set you free.

10 Yoga Poses for Stress and Anxiety:

1.Vrksasana- Tree Pose: Promotes concentration, focus and awareness, taking your mind away from common anxiety triggers and brings self awareness.
2. Virabhadrasana III- Warrior III: Strengthens and works into the core and helps improve digestion. There is a link between a healthy gut and fighting anxiety.
3.Uttanasana- Standing Forwards Bend: The spine moves into the primary curve, known as the natural shape from when you were in the womb, subconsciously making you feel safe and comforted.
4. Lunge Twist Quad Stretch: Lunges energizes the body and with a twist working into the quads gives you that feeling of openness.
5.Paschimottanasana- Two legged seated forwards bend: As your face moves towards your body, you'll feel deep inner closeness within yourself.
6. Cat/Cow pose: Works into and massages the abdominal organs. Increasing circulation to these areas giving you a feeling of lightness.
7. Sirsasana – Head Stand: Reverses the blood flow, bringing more oxygen to the brain. It detoxifies the adrenals which contributes to fighting depression.
8. Dhanurasana- Bow Pose: Gives you a boost of energy and to see life from another perspective. you'll also learn that limits are self imposed.
9. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana – Bridge pose: Keeps the back flexible and healthy, opening up the frontal heart, where flexibility in the body mirrors flexibility in the mind.
10. Simhasana – Lion Pose: Releases emotions and feelings that have been stored in the body. By increasing the exhalation, more impurities are diminished.
Practice these poses daily, holding each pose for a minute.
namaste and I’ll see you on the mat 🙂