How do Seniors Benefit from Yoga

With health conscious lifestyles, most of us are pepped up to hit the gym. Seldom, there is same thrill for working out, once the gray’s start streaking the hair. But there is one form of exercise that can benefit all ages of society, including the seniors. it's a traditional form of exercise and is also followed as a religion in some countries. Yes, it's yoga that we're talking about. Yoga has emerged to be a complete form of exercise that's suitable for all age groups. The poses along with breathing tactics and meditation, has made this a favourite and most followed exercise across the globe. Talking about yoga for the senior population in the society, it's very safe when followed and practiced under guidance. We all know that ageing gets along many health problems. The body slowly starts showing off the signs of ageing through, joint pains, sleeping disorders, blood pressure, diabetes, weak health and much more. In short, we can say that, with age not only does a person require exercise for physical well-being. Also for mental health and peace of mind. Yoga is one name that addresses all these issues effectively. According to a research, seniors that practiced yoga regularly, lived a much improved quality of life, in terms of physical health, emotional balance and mental health too. With so much in the news, let us check on how exactly do seniors benefit from this effective exercise.

Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

As we know yoga is the key to mental and physical health for all age groups, it gives you great muscles, a toned body. A stress free living. This ancient lifestyle also surprises us with benefits of yoga, which can address most of their issues.

Regulates Blood Pressure

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YOGA, IN ITS various forms, is an ancient tradition of physical and spiritual practices. But today in the West, it is also a billion-dollar industry that markets longevity, weight and stress reduction, tight butts and abs, amazing flexibility, and sexual endurance. Yoga's big attraction is that it works. Five thousand years of trial and error and passing fads have been added and subtracted to achieve a total process that effectively benefits the body and all it contains as mental and spiritual energy. The word "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit, translated roughly "to yoke or to join;" its practice is meant to...

Yoga is an exercise that involves poses and stretching of the body to the extremes. This enables good blood flow in all the parts of the body. The breathing techniques that are practiced along with the poses, helps in good flow of oxygen and relaxes the body and mind. This is very good for balancing blood pressure. As seniors have blood pressure issues, it can help in maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

Relieves Pain

Old age usually gets wrapped slowly with joint and muscle pain. The different poses in yoga, are known to give more flexible joints. The stretching of the muscles too helps in relieving joint and muscle pain. According to a survey conducted on seniors suffering from joint pain, regular practice helped in relieving most of the symptoms of joint pain and other similar diseases.

Combats Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders too are very common amongst seniors. Yoga with its many relaxing techniques and different poses, helps in effective sleep. For seniors specially, yoga when combined with herbal therapy, showed amazing results, on seniors who'd difficulty sleeping. The techniques like controlled breathing, focusing and relaxing were mainly to trigger good sleeping habits, that in turn gives better energy in the day.

Improves Social Life

As you age, the energy and enthusiasm is on the slope. Also this is the time when most of the seniors retire and there needs to be a strong mind and energy that keeps up the mood and happy feeling in seniors. It helps in relieving blood pressure which also helps in relieving stress and tension. The many different poses and breathing techniques also help in more supply of oxygen to all the parts of the body. This also helps in elevating the feel-good vibes in seniors. It was observed that seniors who practiced yoga along with proper breathing techniques, were reported to be happier and content, with a fresh look for life and higher sense of well-being.

Treats Breathing Difficulties

Certain breathing exercises, mainly ‘pranayama’ have excellent effects of seniors who'd breathing difficulties. Diseases like bronchitis, asthma, etc. Certain poses that stretched the muscles, proved to be very useful for breathing issues. Yoga also reduces stress and anxiety, which calms the body and diminishes any symptoms of difficult breathing.

These were some of the facts on ways seniors benefit from yoga. And this isn't the end of the list that gives benefits of yoga. Regular practice helps in increased flexibility and good posture, it enhances immunity and also helps to tackle many diseases. So for all the seniors looking for a good workout, start practising yoga for total health care. For those who are suffering from certain diseases of the joints and similar, it's strictly advised to consult a doctor first. Practice yoga only under trained supervision.